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    Several times ranked #1 on mp3.com, Amok Vibes music has been often used in multimedia products (see references below). You can find some examples of use in the Video part.

    You are a Web Agency, an Advertising Agency, a Communication Agency or a Film Producer Company and you're looking for some music for your multimedia products, your internet sites, your publicities, your communications actions, your movies, your outside broadcasts, ... 

How to proceed ? It's very simple and fast :

1 . Choose the track you want (in the part Music

2 . Choose time period.
Want to use the song for 1 year, 2 years, forever ?

3 . Send an e-mail (Licensing@AmokVibes.com)
Describe your project/company in detail and how you want to use the song.
An email back with a licensing offer will be sent very quickly.


  • Selected soundtrack for the Singapore Fashion Week 2002
  • Flash intro for profesionnal websites
  • Movie soundtrack
  • IT and Internet Trade show
  • Business to Business (B2B) website
  • Webcast soundtrack
  • Multimedia school yearbooks
  • Video Game, ...

      You can find some examples of multimedia use in the Video part.

by Carol SUNG

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