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    Between Trip-hop and Techno, Amok Vibes produces electronic music. Since July 2000 on internet, Amok Vibes reached more than 2 millions plays, mainly through mp3.com .

    Several times #1 on mp3.com with its tube Energy (rave mix), or its Trip-Hop track Magic Perfume, its music was selected soundtrack for the Singapore Fashion Week, used in the film "Jet" or again part of the "Extraxion" compilation.

    Amok Vibes comeback with a new single Change my life you can listen below and a beautiful Clip, Studio and Promotion project you can support on My Major Company :

    Watch the video that introduces my project on My Major Company :

    You can find all the informations on Amok Vibes here, its Bio, its electronic music compositions of House, Trip-Hop, Techno and Big Beat available in MP3 . You can also watch the videos with Amok Vibes music.

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    Several time ranked #1 on mp3.com, Amok Vibes music has been often used in multimedia products and compilations.

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Latest single : Change my life
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