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Arnaud aka Amok Vibes is a french composer and producer who creates electronic music since he was young. Drummer at the beginning in a hard-rock band, he organized then electro party like for Paris Music Festival on Seine's Quais in 2002 with Tom Parris.

The sound signature of Amok Vibes is issued from the crossroad of its favorites music genre : Techno, Funk, Trip-hop and artists who inspirates him like Fat Boy Slim, David Guetta, The Prodigy, Thievery Corporation, Morcheeba, Massive Attack. Its productions are influencated by its beginning as drummer and its strong taste for the analogic synthesizers.



At the end of 2000, Energy (rave mix), the track that launch Amok Vibes through the internet, reached #1 rank on all mp3.com, the song stayed in the world Top40 until 2003.

In 2004, Amok Vibes is part one of the most french artists played through the net with 2 millions plays.

Other of its tracks meet a great success like Magic Perfume which reach the #1 rank of Downtempo and Trip-hop genre or Blue lagoon, a track mixing latin percussion and jazzy melodies in a balearic ambiance, selected by Universal France.

Today, Amok Vibes prepare its latest single promotion Change my life, an energetic and full of happiness track. The video clip, already started, will be realized by Axel who just filmed the new "Supermen lovers" clip and Rannjan fashion photograph for Chanel and Jaipur. It'll make us discover an all smile character who encourages people to do more of what they love and promote sharing and blossoming. Official release is schedule for 2014's spring.


  • Selected soundtrack for the 2002 Singapore Fashion Week

  • #1 rank on www.mp3.com (about 1 million tracks) in world Top40 :

  • Video clip "The Search" pour "Energy" realized and produced by Carol SUNG

  • Top10 of best Top Artists on mp3.com (on 200 0000 artists), pseudo Amok

  • Featured on MP3tv became Now Tv (NOW group, 135 Millions of households) in the Top Download

  • Numerous usages in multimedia products :

    • Flash intro for professional website

    • Short film soundtrack

    • Commercial show

    • B2B (Business to Business) website

    • Musical web event soundtrack

    • Students CD-ROM

    • ...

  • "Energy" featured in EXTRAXION compilation sold in FNAC, VIRGIN mediastore, ...


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